From Behind the Ribcage: Demons get tired

Like most of the people who are going to read this have gone through tough times. Admittedly, not actual life struggles or physical difficulties (although my back does hurt too much for somebody so young). I mean all the mental…what’s the right word, turmoil? You know, the usual teenage stuff, where life just seems way too horrible to live.

I happened to find this thing I’d written back then, when being happy was not something that happened easily. ( Tenth line: Only one question*. Excuse the typo)


Like most of you out there, I did feel pretty hopeless for a long time and I never thought I would get better. I don’t know how, but here I am, a perfectly normal human being (I’m using normal in a pretty loose sense, I have my quirks). My demons seem to be dormant a lot more now.

Point is, to all of you out there who are feeling so low that they don’t even know if they can make it through life, just hold on. I know people don’t really understand. They’ll tell you to look at those who have it worse and be happy ( Anne Frank had a good point about that: By that logic, you can’t be happy because people have it better than you too). They’ll tell you that you have no reason to be sad: they don’t get that you didn’t get up and decide “Hey, wait a second, my life sucks. I should be sad.” There’s no reason for feeling in the dumps all the time. And possibly the most common thing you’ll hear is “It’ll be okay.” But will it? Maybe not, there is no guarantee of that. But it MIGHT.

If you have a lottery ticket, is that a guarantee you’re gonna win? No, of course not. But nobody’s gonna say to themselves “Hey, the odds are against me, screw it” and throw away that ticket (Okay, I’m just guessing that most people wouldn’t). They’d keep it, in the hope or chance that they win, because if they throw it away, they lose that small chance too. Your life is that lottery ticket. Even though you think it will never get better, there’s always that small chance that it might.

And that small glimmer of hope, that’s more than enough to fight for.

13 thoughts on “From Behind the Ribcage: Demons get tired

  1. 22-5-5-18

    “Prometheus stole fire from the god Zeus, which infuriated the supreme god. In turn, Zeus created a box that contained all manners of evil, unbeknownst to the receiver of the box. Pandora opened the box after being warned not to, and those evils were released into the world; Hope, which lay at the bottom of the box, remained.” Why was hope in the box of evils?

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  2. michelle213norton

    I found, for me, that the teenage angst that most people go through, I assume, did serve a purpose. I think we can appreciate life more when we know what it’s like to really feel down. I also think that things get easier in a way as we get older. I’m 41 and I’m a pro at dealing with disappointment! I don’t even bat an eye! I’m trying to raise my 10 year old to do the same as life is full of it and not fair to boot!

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