Meeting God

This is one of the poems I put a little more thought into it, so feel free to read meaning into. I’m agnostic, but sometimes I hope God exists. Either way, same thing: If God is real, you better do good so God ( I don’t want to attribute a gender) will be happy. If he doesn’t, then it is up to us to make each others’ lives better.


I looked upon Him
As She smiled down at me.
Finally I’d earned
The right to witness
Him in power radiant,
Her in softness soothing.
I felt not what I’d thought:
No fear, wonder or awe
But old familiarity anew.

Ask, son, dare to know.
Ask, child, what you will.
Then I spoke, out loud
For the first time
Questions forbidden,
Yet unstopped:
Do you not see, lord?
Do you not feel, mother?
The darkness now abound,
The pain that lies within?
Do you not know, my liege?
Do you not hear, milady?
The desperation of the lost,
The cries of the broken?

I see, son, I know.
I feel, child, I hear.
At this I faltered,
Not knowing why,
With deniability destroyed,
It shouldn’t be right.
So with pounding heart
I asked Him why
He did nothing,
I asked Her how
She bore our suffering.
Will you stand by
Till we lie dead?
Do you not wish
To have us saved?

And then it dawned
As they spoke in unison:
Of course we do, redeemer
Why else would we create you?


What are your thoughts? Do we have a purpose here? Are our lives insignificant? Do you believe? What do you think God will be like?


10 thoughts on “Meeting God

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  2. Alexandra

    I also really enjoyed the gender duality here.
    Also, I would like to think that we have a higher purpose. On the other hand, why would our life be any different from a life of a flower, for instance? Sure our bodies age slower, but we are all essentially born, then we grow, then we age and then we die. Maybe, that was the purpose all along?

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  3. michelle213norton

    I think you are onto something with the feeling of familiarity. I think we will recognize His presence in our lives immediately when we are finally face to face. The bad things we are warned about are not to ruin our fun, but to protect us, like any loving father would. We don’t see the danger, but He does. Our world changes for the better when we invite Him into our lives. That’s all He wants, to do life with us. But it’s uncomfortable for us at first. We, by nature, love the dark. When we open ourselves up to His penetrating gaze, we find that He is trustworthy and gentle, and He will heal us if we allow Him! He will use us to spread His love, give us purpose and significance!

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