Julius Scissor- Part 3 (of 3. Phew,right?)

If you missed the previous part, go here. If you missed the one before that too, damn, where have you been? Catch up here.

Scene: Outside the courthouse, citizens marching up in anger in anger

Citizens- Down with conspiracies. Murderers. You shall not get away with killing Caesar.
*More chaos, shouts, catch sight of Brutus *

Citizens- Get those traitors.

*Brutus signals, the commandos enter*

Cassius-People of Rome, return to your homes. Disperse now. Or they will open fire.


Cassius- You cannot face the army. Disperse.

*Enter Octavius, Antony*

Antony- Here they threaten you, like they did Caesar. Do not be scared. You have Mark Antony on your side.

Octavius- I did know, that it would come to this. See, I bring you weapons, guns and knives. Romans, arm yourself and fight against injustice.

*Decius grabs Oct, puts a gun to his head*

Decius- Disperse now, or I will kill Octavius, the nephew of your Caesar.

Octavius -You know, this would have been a good move, if it weren’t for one thing.

Decius- What?

Oct-I cannot be killed, mortal.

*Draws knife, slashes Decius’s throat*


(Photo from Annual Day play)

Octavius-Fight, Romans, the Gods are on your side.

*Antony distributes weapons among them*

*The commandos are now outnumbered, and are easily overpowered by the people*

*Enter court jester*

Jester- Hey hey hey!

Octavius-Antony, what is this?

Antony-Octavius, it is only the court jester.

Octavius-Jester? Is this some kind of joke?

Antony-Exactly, Octavius

Octavius-No. There will be no jokes in my court, not in my time, Mark Antony. I have not been guided to this position to tolerate jokes. So, jester, you want people to laugh? Let’s start with you, shall we? Let’s put a smile on that face of yours.

*Uses knife, cuts outward from the lips in the shape of a hideous smile*

(I swear, the Batman movie franchise stole this idea from me, not the other way round. You believe me right?)

Oct-Now, get out of my sight, before you feel the full extent of my wrath.

*Jester hurries out*
Octavius *to crowd*- Romans, well done. A new day is dawning. Julius Caesar is dead and so are his murderers. Balance has been restored to the world. Yes, and now, a new era begins. Mine. I am Octavius Caesar, nephew to Julius Caesar and I shall ascend the throne and rule you like he did. You will hear, and you will obey. You will bow down.
*Citizens slowly lower themselves*
Is this not much simpler? Compliance? This is your natural state. Human beings were made to be ruled. You will always bow down.

Citizen1- Not to men like you.

Octavius- There will be no men like me!

Citizen1- There will always be men like you.

Octavius- Citizens, look to your leader, as I make an example of him.

Jester-Oh ho! Dude, seriously, those dialogues are just a ripoff of The Avengers.

Octavius- Did I not order you away, you measly excuse for a human being

Jester-Eh, you don’t like jokes? You make the people miserable, you take away their rights, you ruin democracy. Why so serious, man?

Oct- I AM democracy, you brainless buffoon.

Jester- That doesn’t even make sense. Anyway, this play has gone on waaayyyyyy too long. You do know that people’s attention span is like, in minutes, don’t you?

*Raises a gun*

Citizen2- I don’t think that’ll do much good, he’s not mortal, he can’t be killed like that!

Jester- And you believe that why?

Citizen2- He told us so himself.

Jester *Disbelievingly*- Wait so, this guy comes up, declares himself the ruler and says he’s what, more than mortal, some kind of godman and you just take him at his word?

Orthodox guy in crowd- How DARE you insult my religion.

Jester- Oh for crying out loud!

*Points gun at Octavius, shoots. Octavius dies*

Citizens-Democracy shall live.

Not to be continued

And you there, reading this. Maybe don’t always what you hear from those in power. Ooh, here’s a nice rap battle between Julius Caesar and Shaka Zulu

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