Making The Future

In education the best

Standards we set:

To prepare for life

Our students, we strive;

We teach to question,

To use discretion;

Them friends we make

Stereotypes we break.



Yes, on stage, applause demand

But every-day, reprimand!


Ask not why

You wear a tie!

Read, write from the book

Think not deeply, deeply not look;

Speak not, be silent,

Study quiet, be resilient;

Ask not where to apply

Just take what we supply;

Keep learning, learn by-heart;

Creativity? Bah! You’ll end up a student of Art.

The other day, I got a flyer in the mail: coaching classes for kindergarten. For crying out loud, they’re hardly able to walk, its time to potty train, not prepare them for exams. (I wrote this years ago, don’t know what was going through my mind. A little too straight-forward than the stuff I write these days, but thought the content might strike a chord)

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