Forces I Don’t Understand

It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere

Also read: Meeting God. 

Child at play, plastic kitchen,
Dad, bonding, at play with child:
Dad moves little blue pan
To the doll’s little blue plate;
No, stop, child, cries,
Serve round table, from the right,
Use red spoon once, silver thrice
And Teddy doesn’t eat veggies on Sunday;
Dad smiles, kids and their games, humor them.

Man at play, pompous,
Amidst ringing bells;
With millions seeking, source unverified
And billions dragged to ways helplessly.
Off with shirts, three laps round here, bow,
Purity, he says, don’t eat meat on Saturday;
And amidst chants, the clink of money
Dropped in fear, lack of sight, into donation boxes;
Thus “God” pleased, and his agents rich.

Let me be clear, I have no problem with religion, as long it’s a private affair. But religious institutions: that I don’t like. If you pay for a pizza and it isn’t served to you, you have obviously been cheated, right? What about all those people who dole out thousands in temples for better fortune and see no change in their life?  

4 thoughts on “Forces I Don’t Understand

  1. michelle213norton

    Yeah, it’s really too bad the things that have been done in the name of religion! It really didn’t have anything to do with God!! Just the ambition of men!

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  2. I do tend to have a problem with (issues with concerns about) religion, especially organized religion that convinces people that they are better than others because of what they believe. ‘My millennia old book of spells is better than your almost identical millennia old book of spells, so therefore I have every right (in some cases an apparent obligation) to suppress or kill you.’ The horrors of slavery and colonialism were often justified by assumed religious superiority. The crusades resulted in problems that we are still failing to deal to this day. Any organization that authorises (or at least fails to condemn) brutality and death on people that don’t agree with them makes them a version of organized despotism.

    Personal faith on the other hand can be very powerful and inspiring. I have seen what faith in a better nature (be it a deity or a more humanistic or naturalistic system of faith) can make people capable of.

    I have just realized that I am pontificating, and so shall step off my soapbox now. Anyway, great poem.

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