Don’t put people on pedestals

You have heard them say,

Or if you hadn’t, suffice that I have

And now you have too!

Now, the same goes to fans

And this I have said.

I had one of the latter

Mounted on the former,

You know the ones, or should.havells-windstorm-pedestal-fan-500-mm-large_2ad28ddbf3048b9ce84068e2623df845.jpg


The summer heat was sizzling

So I had to turn it on

As I sat there with my books

All pious and studious

Or as much as I could be,

Trying to apply my mind

Because my finals were near.

But the darned pedestal fan

Kicked up such a racket

Not the ones you could play ping-pong with either

Such a loud darn thing,

Twanged my nerves like a guitar:

Sorry if they don’t twang guitars

I’m a writer, not a musician.

To continue, it continued this way

Till I finally snapped:

Had to get physical.

They walked in on me,

While I had it in a choke-hold:

“This fan needs repairs”

I said, somewhat sheepishly.

“No, I think you need help more.”


Seriously though, I know calling you fans will take it too far, but thank you for reading.

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