Thousands of years since the alleged extinction of alleged The Humans, a lost and confused species roll on the earth. The Books are unclear about the exact reason of the extinction, but most intellectuals of the species (and since this is not meant to be a work of suspense, it may be revealed that the species being talked about are the descendants of the legendary Google Driverless Cars) agree that they probably killed each other in order to secure Petroleum for the cars under their care.
Several cars argued that this was not possible, because if each one of them killed another before being killed themselves, there would still be one last The Human left, unless the last The Human’s injuries from the fight with the second last The Human proved fatal. A long-winded calculation to show how the odds of this was a million and seven hundred forty-two to one was provided.
Rather than trying to decipher this calculation, other cars offered a solution, saying that the last remaining The Human would have died of loneliness or perhaps of hunger as it didn’t know how to turn on the stove.

Some other cars say they wouldn’t be fighting over Petroleum, because if it were that difficult to get, surely they could have figured out how to run The Cars on other things, like electricity. The Books suggest that such technology existed, and no species could surely be stupid enough to not switch to that. This argument was banned, because it claimed that Petroleum, their natural source of energy, was not the sole thing that could power them. The cars who supported this outrageous  claim were swiftly stripped of their paint and left to rust, and if it weren’t for this writer, you’d never have known about it. You’re welcome.
Since the theory that they killed each other over Petroleum suggested that cars were important enough to drive a species to a war on such a large scale that it wiped them out entirely, this was the most popular one. Soon, it was decided by a global referendum that this was in fact the one and only Truth. The Humans were their makers and they were to be worshipped for their relentless efforts to ensure that they were well fed with Petroleum. It was part of the Truth that The Humans were the makers of cars. There was no other way cars could exist . Such a fine tuned piece of machinery couldn’t have come into existence by chance could it?

It was Sunday. The fact that it was Sunday doesn’t have much bearing on this story, but the thing about days is that they will be what they are irrespective of whether they have a bearing on your story or not.

Ford Freddie was chilling (The technology of the Google driverless cars was quickly made a part of other cars as well).It would be quite difficult to say where exactly he was chilling, because after the extinction of The Humans, our maps have all fallen into disuse and been replaced by other ways of navigation more suited to the cars. Ford Freddie was thus chilling in some location  when Ford Frank rolled up excitedly.

“Freddie, Freddie, Freddie! ” Frank gasped, ” You have got to come see this.”

“See what, Frank?”

“Don’t be like that Freddie. You have to see it, I said, and see it you should.”

“Alright, alright,” Freddie said, releasing his brakes and following Frank from the unknown place to another unknown place. This new place, however, was a little more distinguished, owing to a huge building. Anybody familiar with The Humans would probably say that the building was a factory, and they would be right in doing so. It was an old factory that had fallen out of use after The Humans. It had just sat there silently over the years.

Silently it had sat until now. The roar of machinery from inside worried Freddie.

“What on earth did you do?” He asked. He liked the quiet and was quite displeased by the development.

“Well, I was just fooling around, found some switches and stuff, flicked a few, and then this huge thing started up. There’s something moving in there, Freddie,” Frank said.

“I don’t like this. We should go,” Freddie said.

“What, do you have no curiosity?”

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Freddie said, which was a quite pretentious thing for him to say considering that all the cats had been killed long before the Car Consciousness era and there was no way for him to know what cats were or what killed them.

“Rust to your cats,” Frank swore. “Just a quick peek in, come on.”

More exchanging of words followed, and as nothing of much importance was said there, it is prudent to skip all of that and go to the part after Frank convincing Freddie to check it out. We find the two cars warily rolling towards the machinery inside.

They were at the end of a long conveyor belt when they noticed it being carried on it toward them. They were so shocked that they were quite unable to process what they were seeing. They watched in disbelief as doors were fitted and it was removed off the belt and placed on their floor.

They had just seen a car being made. It has to be explained here why a car coming into existence was such a shocker. Cars had no ways of reproduction. They don’t. Stop imagining ways that they could.  No new cars had come into existence since The Humans. It was known that only The Humans could bring one into existence. Until now.

“I think we better call Tesla Tom,” Freddie said. Tesla Tom was the smartest and most rad car they knew.

A few minutes after the call, Tesla Tom rolled in, followed by Tesla Ron, because not all their names alliterate.

“This is ground-breaking,” Tom muttered.

“It doesn’t seem to be alive though,” Ron said, bumping gently against it.

Tom peered in.

“Hold on, a few screens are lit up. Look at that one, right on the dash.”

“It looks like a spinning round thing,” Ron said. “What do you think?”

“I think it is a spinning round thing. And that number on that other one. 95. Wait, now it’s 96. Huh. 99. OH SWEET HUMAN.” The last words were cried out in surprise as the new car’s engines started.

“Hello,” it said.

The coming into existence of the new car had sent shockwaves through the community. There had been no new car since the age of The Humans. The Truth had that only The Humans could create one. The whole of the Tesla community had proclaimed that this was a reminder for them to take a closer look at the Truth. Too long had it gone unchallenged. Tesla Tom went back to the building with Ford Frank and a news crew and had Ford do what he had done the last time. The whole world watched as another car came out on the conveyor belt and came to life.

“The Truth has it that The Humans and only The Humans can create us. Yet you have just witnessed a car being created. Where are The Humans here? The Truth has failed us.”

“It’s true,” a Toyota said. It’s sentiment was understood despite its poor choice of words. “It is clear the Truth is a bunch of-”

His last expletive was drowned out by a deafening honking. Over a dozen cars were angrily revving their engines around them.

“Blasphemy,” one of them cried. “You insult The Truth.”

“The Truth is all we have. You will not speak against it,” another agreed.

“This is obviously nothing but an attack on our culture, our way of life, our The Humans,” shouted another.

Once the newcomers had run out of words, which took around a minute, they resorted to violence against the renegades. The events were too explicit and chaotic to put into words, so I will skip to the end. There’s too much gore in our media anyway, right.

Ford Frank had paid dearly. He was incapacitated by the end, and was hauled up onto the top of the building along with Tesla Tom. Their tires were slashed and paints stripped and were left there to rust.

The Truth, now shaky, for all had seen the birthing of the new car, prevailed.

Is the absence of evidence the evidence of absence? Well, no, but one has to be careful to not make something an argument from ignorance (asserting that something is true because it has not been proven false). I believe in the benefit of doubt. An atheist has to know for certain that God doesn’t exist and a religious person has to know for certain that God does exist. There is no proof either way, so it boils down to a question of belief. Quoting The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, “I refuse to prove that I exist,'” says God, “for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing.”

It is possible that God exists, but whether you want to lead your life a certain way because of that possibility is up to you. To kill people for that remote possibility: madness.

To me, stating with certainty either of those things seems wrong. I will remain agnostic I suppose, although sometime I envy the believers, because I suppose it must be much easier for them in tough times.

And if you’re extremely practical, somebody once did say that they’d rather live their life believing God exists and die finding out he doesn’t than live as if he doesn’t and find out he does.

Happy Living!


6 thoughts on “Confliction

  1. michelle213norton

    My husband would probably correct you and claim that no self-respecting atheist would claim that there was no possible way that God could exist. Just that it is more likely than not that He doesn’t. An agnostic on the other hand is someone who thinks that it’s possible that God does exist, but that there is no way to have any kind of personal relationship or contact, that He is some kind of remote force that to us is unreachable. You may or may not want to reclassify yourself based on these definitions. I myself am a believer based on the preponderance of evidence in my personal experience. Keep searchin!!


    1. Quite a few definitions to atheists seem to be there , so I’ll just clarify that whichever group claims with certainty that there’s no God , I do not belong to that . I’ve basically gone through all the phases , so who knows

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