I haven’t really shared much from my personal life on this blog . I guess this is the first post of that kind. I have four days left before college starts. Final edit: three days left. I got into MIT ,and since I seem to get more views from overseas, I need to clarify that that’s not Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It’s Manipal Institute of Technology (India ).
I’m not very sure engineering is my thing , so I’m just looking to get through four years and then consider other options  (or fall in love with computers and get placed in a really cool company with a huge salary, that’d work )Final edit: No it wouldn’t, I want to do something that actually changes the world. Or argue in a courtroom.

Being me, I wouldn’t have such a huge event coming and not prepare for it. I write this at 1 (A once very dear friend once told me it’s better to spell out the numbers instead of using the digits. I think she was right. Thank you, if you happen to read this somehow. Also, I’m not sure where the “-” is supposed to go in “once very dear friend” so I just let it be. Sorry if you’re a stickler for rules. The world must be a very unpleasant place for you) one AM unsure if this will be worth posting, because who cares about what a pretty ordinary (meaning considerably ordinary, not pretty and ordinary) eighteen year old in some obscure part of the world is doing right? But I write this anyway , because sleep eludes me, and if I decide it’s good enough and post it, I hope it’s good enough to have posted it (It seems like everything I write, it always seems pretty good at the time. It’s only after a few weeks that I want to throw up reading it).
Ending that long-ass intro, listed below the steps undertaken:

1: Got my wardrobe repainted . I moved into this room when I was like *pause for calculations* six , and I’d put up a hell lot of stickers and posters . Had to have that covered up, in case I made friends and they came over. ( Powerpuff Girls (ick), Tom and Jerry , High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, The Flintstones, in case you were wondering)

2: Put some shows on the fast track . It seemed appropriate to watch Mr.Robot and Silicon Valley as my branch is Computer Science and Engineering . Somebody has lead me to believe that a major part of an engineering student’s life involves movies, but I cannot remember who. Well, I’m prepared in case it’s true. I’ve amassed over 400 gigabytes of shows and movies , that should suffice. I’ve been doing my best to get through the stuff too, because I’m not sure how busy a time it’s going to be. Trying to get the must-watch stuff cleared out first.

3: I have minor OCD when it comes to some stuff, or to paint myself in a better light, although there’s no point now since I’ve already made it sound like I’m a freak,  I like things neat . I’d spent a lot of time during the exams trying to get things neat even though  they already were , but I had to go through my room again to make sure I wouldn’t have major distractions at crucial times.

4: Clothes. Having had to wear an a uniform all these years, I’ve never really had much need for a lot of clothes. How embarrassing, that word I had to strike out was. A pity I can’t get rid of the silly mistakes I’d made so you never find out. Anyway,a few tees and two jeans would get me through years. College is much more of a burden : Where do I get so many clothes from?  How do I justify buying all these pairs of jeans when they all look the same? ( You know those blue jeans that everybody has a pair of? Do people even notice those? If you wore the same tee for a week , people would notice it, sure, but I have a theory that if you wore the same blue jeans for a week, nobody would notice. I call them ” Anonymous Jeans”.  Tell me if I’m wrong )

5: Cleaned out my profiles: Went through my Instagram and deleted some stuff that I thought I wouldn’t want people seeing , which is stupid considering that I put it out there for them to see in the first place. It seems likely that everything I post will turn out to be lame at some point in the future anyway ( More likely, they already are lame and it takes me a long time to realize it )I suppose. Like this here. I’m currently proud of this, but who knows when it’ll embarrass me, if it hasn’t

My Facebook timeline was beyond hope, there were way too many posts, so I just made-do with trashing the Joe Jonas profile pictures and removing “Overthinkers Pvt Ltd” as my company.

6: The normal boring form filing stuff. Not much to write about, just thought it ought to go here.

Well, this list has way too few things than I thought it would.

Have to get used to getting up early again ugh. These four months have been swell.

Words of encouragement would be appreciated, but whatever advice the WordPress community has to offer, I’ll take it.

To college. Or am I making too big a deal of it?

Jeez, this post is just so full of second-guessing.

Also, I don’t see how this matters, but I just started this at one AM one day, around half of the article came later after much second guessing. Really doesn’t matter.

Just get it over with.


I suppose you see now why I don’t usually post about my personal life.

5 thoughts on “Fresher

  1. michelle213norton

    That’s very exciting!! I kinda blew off college and now I would go back in a heartbeat! Enjoy the learning. I hope to, someday when I have the time, go back and audit some classes (OK, a lot of classes;) That’s where you go and do the work, but you don’t get credit cause you don’t pay for it. Sounds fun!


  2. As a fellow (soon to be) engineering student who will start uni in a month (and yes I’m freaking out too) I empathize. I have zero advice to give but I think we’re gonna make it through this alive. At least I hope. And yes, let us toast to college and all the wonderful experiences I’m hoping are in store!


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