Rollercoasters are fun I start panting when I run I'm writing this in a barbershop As I'm waiting for my chop The guy before me is getting a facial Such a slow wait, figuratively glacial Wanting to express how bored I am Is all I really wanted, fam But instead I'm rambling on I'm wasting your time, …

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I walked into class on Monday and weaved my way through the ancient wooden desks to the back. Force of habit would then have had me fling my bag onto the bench, but my hand was stayed by the notice of my usual place being already occupied. I took an uncertain step back. Ziya looked …

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To a friend gone by No stranger I'm to falling out and down But I'd thought we'd be the exception; No excuse have we ever had To let each other down, So hard to believe That now again We are Strangers . Featured Image: Summer Paradise by Simple Plan Also see The Strangers That Began