Rollercoasters are fun

I start panting when I run

I’m writing this in a barbershop

As I’m waiting for my chop

The guy before me is getting a facial

Such a slow wait, figuratively glacial

Wanting to express how bored I am

Is all I really wanted, fam

But instead I’m rambling on

I’m wasting your time, don’t call me a con

I realize that this piece of poetry

Is just a nonsense rhyming spree

And I failed to express what I wanted

I’m sure my house isn’t Haunted

But it’s this darned rhyme scheme

That’s spoiling my poem, ice cream

Just as in the second part of a verse bad poets seek a thought to fit their rhyme, so in the second half of their lives people tend to become more anxious about finding actions, positions, relationships that fit those of their earlier lives, so that everything harmonizes quite well on the surface: but their lives are no longer ruled by a strong thought, and instead, in its place, comes the intention of finding a rhyme.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human

Robert Frost is of the opinion that writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down, but sometimes, we need to play not for the points and the rules, but just a chance to swing our arms. Yes, I enjoy rhyme schemes, but I’ve found that when I have to express myself, trying to rhyme will often constrain my thoughts and hold back the emotion.


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