A Compilation of Chaos

Poets like pieces of confetti after the party; waiting to be swept up or swept off to rain down again; something romantic in the abandonment; an un…plugged Karaoke machine; sweat and perfume hanging from the ceiling~

Rolling down the window so the wind snatches away the chorus of your favorite song

Intricately carved and loudly intriguing; warm, fitting right in my palm; slip of the hand, I’ve slipped off the lid; this Schrödinger’s box is a tricky thing; the cat, poor thing, turns out is dead; Sunday I won’t be able to stand the stench¶

Slip the gear into neutral and watch the rain through the wipers

A starving man fresh out of the desert; at a buffet drawn in by the smell; but for want of table manners; thrown out after the appetizers°

Keep away from the brakes and hope the speedbreakers break before you

Cat eyes° glint in the setting sun; no farewell yet still it’s gone; up on my feet now and set to repeat; dance to this lovely red bleeding carved heartbeat|

(one more song I’ll be back again)

You’re the handbrake on my car ruining my ride, but I just stare at the warning light and leave you on

(Girl,don’t leave me on)

A motleyed fool in a war with blunted swords; broken lyrics and off-tune songs on unstrung harps; powder up the cuts and swear into the clique; writing dark poems to make the pain seem romantic }

(blood is darker than wine)

Overspeed in second gear just to hear the engine scream

A hound hot on the trail; past towns with the circus; through fields in harvest; straight poised to be over the cliff; mercy, pray for the river to throw me off this scent

(hell is home if she leads me there )
Drive into a wall because the brakes don’t work


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