Shows Near You 

I vaguely remember the beginning, when you were a whole stand-up show;  Now you're just the punchline to a  dark joke that nobody is laughing at anymore. 

Doctor Daniel Davidson Doesn’t Die

“Hey, sorry to wake you up, but I kind of got into a little accident, could I trouble you for-” “Oh my! Of course, come in.” Mark stepped back and pulled the door open. “God, you’re bleeding, let me call you an ambulance,” Mark said as he looked at the man more carefully. "No, my …

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From Behind the Ribcage: Demons get tired

Like most of the people who are going to read this have gone through tough times. Admittedly, not actual life struggles or physical difficulties (although my back does hurt too much for somebody so young). I mean all the mental...what's the right word, turmoil? You know, the usual teenage stuff, where life just seems way …

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