Unheard is Unfallen

I see the traveller below. I try to drag myself towards the edge, but the pain in my leg intensifies, making me scream. He stops and looks around, puzzled. He has heard something but isn’t sure that he has. I shout again, a desperate and incoherent cry, but the moment has passed. He shakes his head and keeps walking, and soon he’s past the bend in the road. Continue reading “Unheard is Unfallen”

The Beginner’s Guide to Indian Roads

With the advent of the Internet, home delivery, online shopping, anti-social behaviour, and the loss of friends, the need and desire to get our lazy asses out of our rooms has seen a marked decrease. Consequently, when we do have to go out, we sometimes find we lack the skills to cope with the strange environment that is the real world. Getting to Point B from Point A, for instance, is not as simple a task as it might seem. Whether the cars in Cars have car insurance or life insurance, you certainly need both, because passing a driving test simply does not qualify you for the roads. Continue reading “The Beginner’s Guide to Indian Roads”

Disconnected CCTVs

When his life was ruined, his family killed, his farm destroyed, Job knelt down on the ground and yelled up to the heavens, “Why god? Why me?” and the thundering voice of God answered, “There’s just something about you that pisses me off”

-Stephen King

What’s this grand

scheme of things

that has


being blown


like the fire

crackers on

that day you

celebrate good

over evil?

Where are the

fruits of this

great victory

and where is this

God you say

achieved it?


I have so little faith in people right now, I don’t even high-five most of them because I don’t trust them to not leave me hanging

I am no God to await offering,

Anybody else would have seen

And wanted, fought and taken,

But I see and fight to not want

Because I cannot take

Or I fear I can’t,

Or fear I shouldn’t;

Unworthier than me

Have reached out

And been graced

But I can’t bring myself

To raise my arm to receive

For what if I were to drop it?